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Smith went on to argue that the intentional intervention of government regulation, although it is specifically intended to protect or benefit society as a whole, in practice is usually less effective for achieving that end than a freely operating market economy. In many cases, it is actually harmful to the people as a whole by denying them the benefits of an unencumbered marketplace. Entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to create a successful business so they can personally prosper.

The album was primarily recorded in Tucson with the singer Howe Gelb during two separate sessions in April and November 2012. [2] This has led to the sound of the album naturally separating into two distinct parts – which would explain the title of the album. Tunstall has explained that one side of the record deals with the themes of mortality, a subject close to her heart following the death of her father in 2012. The second side evokes an ethereal mood, more reflective of deeply felt changes in outlook and shifts in her personal life following her separation from her husband of four years later that year. [1] [3]

Invisible Empire - DiatribeInvisible Empire - DiatribeInvisible Empire - DiatribeInvisible Empire - Diatribe

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