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KNUT REMOND - Deep Structure - Cosmics (CD on V RECORDS)
In the 80s percussionist Knut Remond toured in Holland several times
as a member of Unknown Mix, a "neue Welle" band from Switzerland.
What happened to them, I don't know. In the case of Knut Remond, he
didn't leave the music business. He played with 16/17, Voicecrack to
mention to other Swiss outfits. Also he played with Jim O'Rourke,
John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Fred Frith, etc. Besides that he started to
develop himself as a composer of (electronic) music, experimenting
with electro-acustic music and computermusic in his studio. The
Cosmics Series document this aspect of Remonds activities. was
a maxisingle released in 1991; Vol 2 a cd (1996) and again is a
cd (2001).
The cd contains 17 tracks but they make up one piece, called 'Deep
structure', the result of 5 years of working in the studio. The work
is composed for soprano voice (Kornelia Bruggmann) and Imagineering
Portable Set (self built electronics I suppose, played by Remond
himself). In 1999 it was performed live. Listening to the cd, it
wondered me how voice and electronics blend perfectly together.
Bruggmann reads, speaks, sings a poem by the swiss writer Bernadette
Lerjen-Sarbach and selections from the work of the american writer
Jenny Holzer. The noises sound very processed. They proceed from
clusters on a one_manual organ of Italian construction of the late
Baroque period, Remond informs us. Most originality lies in the
composition technique of Remond I think. He is a very capable
soundarchitect. In a way the work sounds very 'narrative' to me, as
if Remond is telling a story. Ands let me tell you, a very
interesting one (DM).

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