Dudley moore trio* dudley moore trio, the - the dudley moore trio - Dudley Moore Trio - My Blue Heaven - YouTube

Taeko Kunishima – piano
Clive Bell – shakuhachi
Hibiki Ichikawa – tsugaru shamisen
Paul Moylan – bass
Camilo Tirado – percussion
Jeremy Hawkins – field recordings

The 17 th Grammy Awards ceremony was held on 1 st March 1975, at Uris Theater and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (non-televised) in New York. The ceremony was hosted by Andy Williams. The Academy awarded the artists for their eminent performance for the year 1974. The artists mainly nominated in most of the Grammy categories were: Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Elton John. Stevie Wonder was honored with the highest record of Grammys for the year. Below is the list of the nominees and winners for the year 1975.

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Jackos, George
Jackson, Barry
Jackson, Brandon Jackson, Philip
Jackson, Sally Jane
Jackson, Warren
Jacobs, Joseph
Jaffrey, Saeed OBE
James, Daniel
James, Godfrey
James, Jennifer
James, Matthew James, Raji Jameson, Susan
Jamieson, Kathy
Janjua, Kaleem
Janjua, Kaleen
Jardine, John
Jaskolka, Anna
Jaynes, Paul
Jayston, Michael
Jean-Barry, Linda
Jefferson, Jane
Jefferson, Pauline
Jeffries, Suzanne Jenkins, Sue
Jephcott, Gillian
Johns, Frank Johns, Milton
Johnson, Darren Johnson, Meg
Johnson, Noel
Johnson, Vicky
Johnston, Alex Johnston, Sue Jones, Bruce Jones, David
Jones, Iain
Jones, Judi Jones, Kathy Jones, Maggie Jones, Nicholas
Jones, Norman
Jones, Suranne
Joshi, Indira
Joyner, Vernon
Judd, John Junkin, John

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These are some of the great guitar players that have been reported as users of Soldano guitar amplifiers and other guitar gear.  We constantly update this list, if you have information that would make this list more accurate, please let us know at [email protected]  Artists are noted with the bands with whom they have been associated.

Dudley Moore Trio* Dudley Moore Trio, The - The Dudley Moore TrioDudley Moore Trio* Dudley Moore Trio, The - The Dudley Moore TrioDudley Moore Trio* Dudley Moore Trio, The - The Dudley Moore TrioDudley Moore Trio* Dudley Moore Trio, The - The Dudley Moore Trio


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